Oh shiiiiiiiit. The one-minute songs project is back from a “brief hiatus.” Had to reload and rewrite and whatnot. Anyway, my hope is that we’re now entering the home stretch, with an aim to be finished by the time the holidays roll around. <says a prayer to the one-minute-songwriting gods>

*  *  *Many of you have been asking about when I’ll be posting another email-themed song? Well, get ready to live:

Obama digital godfather, Blue State Digital CEO, and dude getting married tomorrow on Ellis Island, Joe Rospars requested a song called “Subject Line.” Sounds simple enough…

I tried several times to start this one, mostly around some of my favorite whacky campaign subject lines. It was all pretty meh, and that’s when I remembered the time Joe called all the emailers into a conference room to give feedback on some of our drafts: He started by presenting us with a plush toy of Bomb, the black angry bird.

So I shelved it. For about a year.

Last month, I sat down again and — after a quick search for every DCCC email I’ve gotten in the last year — had the frame of a decent draft. If I could give this song a subtitle it’d be “(Final Notice for Joseph).”

Recorded guitar and vocals at Gap Outlet Studios on August 24th, 2014.

This is just the best